Top 5 Luxury Travel Essentials

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Ciao friends! It’s been a wonderful few days in Switzerland so far. I’m writing this blog post while the scent of fresh lilac fills my Swiss apartment, so amazing. But, travel abroad can be tricky and tiring, so I wanted to pop in to share my top 5 travel essentials to make the trip more comfortable.

Of course, I always bring the regular essentials like headphones, Advil, water, chargers and adapters, but I also like to bring things to make me feel like I’m being spoiled. Here are my must haves:

Top 5 Luxury Travel Essentials1. Fit Bit Zip ($50) – I love this because it’s cheaper than others, but still syncs to your phone and is great for tracking how much you can eat while abroad, haha! Steps = gelato! Plus, the Zip is my favorite because it works on a battery and doesn’t require a charger (no extra cords to pack!!) AND you clip it on to yourself, so it won’t ruin any #armparty you might have going on. 😉

2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray (travel size $5) – if you’re a regular reader, this one should be familiar to you now. I don’t go anywhere without this stuff and it’s SO great for traveling because it helps hydrate your skin during/after long flights, and also really helps to alleviate any sunburn you might get. Did you know that Nordstrom Rack sells mini, travel-sized bottles of this plus lots of other luxury goodies? Definitely check them out before you’re next trip! If you already have this in a larger size, pick up a travel size spray bottle from Target or the dollar store and pour some in for your trip to save some money for lattes, macarons, and the like.

3. Soft Scarf/Wrap ($32) – I never travel without a soft, big wrap or scarf. It’s good for so many purposes while traveling including: scarf, blanket, hood from rain (only sort of), and as a picnic blanket! It makes me feel extra cozy on flights and in hotels, but can also add a little something extra to your evening outfits.

4. Manicure Kit ($10) – this is another one that I really think everyone should travel with, but be sure to check it, since it won’t get through security. But it’s seriously so helpful for more than just your nails. You can use it for lots of other purposes including cutting tags off your new purchases, fixing a hangnail, or tweezing a stray eyebrow hair, so all your selfies look perfect.

5. Travel Diary ($17) – I just picked up a similar one (that I can’t find online for you) and LOVE it. It’s been a lifesaver to keep receipts and papers together, without getting mixed up in my day-to-day work stuff. The best part, though, is being able to keep an ongoing log of what I’ve been doing. I take just a few minutes every day to write down where I went, who I was with, how much walking I did, and any little thoughts I had. I also leave space to put in pictures and tickets. You can think of it as the lazy-girl’s travel bullet journal.

I’ll be back soon with my picks from the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale, so stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram! And, follow me on Instagram to keep up with my travels for the next few weeks, too!

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Luxury Travel Essentials

  1. These are all items I travel with! Minus the fitbit. I especially love travelling with a facial spray! Soo refreshing and can be used in so many situations. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I always have to have a manicure kit with me where ever I go! Glad to here that you are having a fun time in Switzerland, it is on my travel list of places I want to go.


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