The Blog

The PhDiva is a lifestyle blog to help showcase that you don’t have to sacrifice style for success. As Oscar Wilde wisely stated: “you can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

This blog is meant to serve as a space for inspiration about fashion, home, and lifestyles for savvy women who strive for stress-free style and success.




The Diva

I’m Stephanie and I have my Ph.D. in Communication and am currently an Assistant Professor of Public Relations in Virginia. Born and raised in Chicago, I’m trying to assimilate to southern culture. My overall style for my house, my clothes and my life is best described as “traditional with a twist.”

For years my friends and family have referred to me as a “PhDiva” because I am committed to demolishing the stereotype of boring academics. I love finding shortcuts to style and new takes on old classics. I’m a huge believer that life should be balanced and beautiful.


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