Cold Weather Skincare


Hello from an internet-less house! Just kidding, I’m at my office since it’s no longer 12 degrees outside. But, I am excited to share my cold weather skincare products with you today. Most of these are natural products that can be found at local drugstores, with a few splurges added in 😉 Also, nothing in this post is sponsored, so all opinions are 100% mine.

One of the biggest challenges as the weather changes is maintaining your skin. For me, my skin gets tight and more dry, but I don’t get dry flaky skin like so many do. However, I am very conscious of doing what I can to avoid wrinkles and premature aging, so constant moisture is my best friend.



I use the following products daily, and regardless of weather.

Rosehip Oil – if you have never tried it, order a bottle right now! Rosehip oil has so many amazing skin benefits. Since it is packed with Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, it reduces redness, diminishes fine lines, tones, and helps tighten your skin. Plus, it is very budget friendly ($14). Aside from skin, it can help with hair and nail health. I apply it at least once per day, usually at night, and always when I get out of the shower.

Rosewater Facial Spray – this is another must-have that I crave all year. There are similar and more high end and expensive sprays on the market (here and here) but this one does the trick for a fraction of the cost ($7). I use it to hydrate and wake-up my skin in the morning and it can also be used to set makeup. It’s great to use after a day in the sun or after a workout. It’s very refreshing and full of moisture for your face, hair, or skin.

Micellar Water – you may have heard about micellar water recently as it has become a big trend. It’s basically a make-up remover, toner, and cleanser in one bottle. The micels attract dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of the oils and moisture it needs to retain. I typically use it to remove my makeup when I don’t wash my face with my Clarisonic (aka, the days I’m too tired/lazy to actually wash my face). It usually takes me two rounds with a cotton pad, but afterward my face feels hydrated and clean. It’s perfect for traveling, too. Again, it’s budget friendly ($10) and can be found online or at a local drug store.

Fresh Sugar – this is my go-to lip balm. It feels so good on your lips, has a slight gloss, but isn’t sticky, and helps repair chapped lips after just one application. I seriously have three different ones that I keep in my purse, work tote, and at home so I always have one on hand. They also make tinted versions which I use in the summer and they have an advanced treatment that is perfect for colder months. And, they have built-in sunscreen to protect your lips from sun damage.



These are products I sometimes use in the winter. On average, I use each one about once a week, but they could be used daily.

Benefit Moisture Prep – I’m going to be honest, I would never have bought this but for my wedding I had my makeup done at Benefit and needed to make a purchase so this and the Instant Comeback came home with me. I really like the moisture prep. I use it on days that I am going to apply makeup when I wake up. It is refreshing and smells good and is easily applied with a cotton pad. I can’t really see any benefits to my skin the way I do with the rosehip oil or rosewater, but it feels good and still adds moisture.

Benefit Instant Comeback – again, I wouldn’t normally purchase this and this isn’t a ringing endorsement. It was described to me as instant botox without the needles and it definitely does NOT have that effect. It’s more like a serum for your skin. I haven’t seen any results with it, but I’m also not religiously using it. It’s unscented and easily applied with your finger. I typically use it around my eyes.

Benefit Pore Professional – this one I highly recommend before you apply makeup. It is easily applied with a beauty sponge, I use the Beauty Blender, and helps to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. You can wear it alone if you’d like, but I always use it before I apply makeup. It helps my makeup go on more smoothly and gives a more even appearance.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – this stuff is a dream! I have been using it for years instead of a thick or cakey foundation when I do my makeup. I love it because it is slightly tinted so it provides light coverage for your skin, while also moisturizing and providing sun protection with build in SPF. This is a year-round product for me, but in the winter, I try to wear it everyday, regardless of whether or not I’m wearing makeup. I apply it with the Beauty Blender as well.



These are two items that I would encourage you to splurge on, if only for the winter. The Fresh rose face mask and soy face cleanser were my birthday gift from Sephora. The rose mask is typically available as a sample so you can always try it before you buy it. I love the rose mask so much. It really helps to tone my skin and tighten things up. It is especially helpful with brightening my skin in the winter. The soy cleanser has a lot of amino acids so it’s really hydrating and energizing for your skin. Right now, you can get a travel set of these two together for $21. I try to use the mask about once a week and the cleanser when I think of it, which isn’t as often as I’d like.

My Clarisonic is my secret weapon, so I’d like to think. It helps remove dead skin without damaging your face, and really provides a deep clean. I love it because I can keep it in my shower and use it there or use it by a sink. One charge lasts for a while, at least two weeks, and it charges fast when needed. I’ve had mine for almost two years now without any issues. It works great with any type of gel face cleanser.





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