Engagement Gift Guide


Hello, everyone! I’m sorry for the weird posting schedule, we are trying to survive without internet at our new place. Cross your fingers we get it soon! Anyway, today I’m sharing an engagement gift guide since this is definitely diamond season. 🙂

I actually have three different ring holders, but my favorite is the Waterford one given to me by my matron of honor the day after we got engaged. Do you think she knew it was coming?! This is a great alternative, and so is this!

Anything with a bride’s new monogram is a win in my book. Whether it be a necklace, a pin, or a keychain ( < so cute!!), it’s so fun to see your new initials.

This wedding journal by May Designs is so cute and fun! They offer so many covers and designs, it’s a special gift. The inside is essentially a scrapbook for all of your wedding planning.

While we all love Pinterest, sometimes flipping through an actual magazine is a nice treat. Bridal magazines are a great go-to gift for newly engaged friends.

Of course, you can’t celebrate anything without champagne! I love to splurge for big events like this, and think Rose is even more appropriate.

I have this shirt that says “wifey” and I love it! I similarly loved my “bride” shirt and wore it every chance I got, even to one of my bridal showers.

These roses last for one year!! What a special gift for a loved one while she plans her dream wedding. The perfect box of inspiration.

I got engaged one year ago, and married 5 months ago. I wasn’t one of those girls who gets engaged when she’s all dolled up and looking fabulous. Nope, I got engaged in sweatpants! Haha, it was sort of a planning fail on the part of my parents who brought me to the engagement surprise at 7:45am, but I think it all worked out 😉


My husband proposed in our high school parking lot on Jan. 2, 2016. We met in English class during our sophomore year, so it was sweet to go back to where it all began and start a new chapter together. It was the surprise of my life!

I was so fortunate to be gifted with many of the items on this guide, and have been gifting similar things to friends for years. Being engaged is such a special time and these gifts, along with your gorgeous ring, help remember the season for years to come.

I’d love to hear how you got engaged and what your favorite engagement gift was in the comments!


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