Winter Work Wear Essentials


Hi friends! Yesterday it was about 25 degrees here, and today the high is 54. Clearly, we are in the thick of winter weather and these drastic changes in temps can seriously screw up my winter work wardrobe. So, here are my 5 winter work wear essentials to get me through all the highs and lows:

Tights – call me old fashioned, but I do not think any woman should be bare legged in the dead of winter. Unless it above 60 degrees, you can catch me with tights on. I am a big fan of sheer black tights, and also love a nude color, too. Notice, I’m not talking about leggings or pantyhose. Tights are thinner than leggings but thicker and much more durable than pantyhose. However, they can still provide the support of pantyhose #controltop. I wear my black tights at least twice a week and love how easily sheer black tights pair with either black or brown outfits.


Grey | Brown | Black

Boots – when it’s wet and sloppy and slushy and salty, I am living in boots. I have work friendly brown, black, and grey boots that get me through the winter. They are an essential because they winterize your skirts and dresses, without stealing your style. More importantly, they provide more traction than a pair of Uggs or wellies, and can keep your feet just as warm. Don’t forget to waterproof them, I use this!

Layers – isn’t this an obvious one? I go from my house, to the car, from the parking garage to my office, and then into different classrooms which can all be unpredictable temperatures. Not to mention, sometimes I break a sweat walking as fast as I can between buildings to avoid the cold. So, layers are a must. I’m still loving my cashmere cardigan which I can’t recommend enough, but also rarely get dressed without a cami under my outfits. Vests are a great way to layer and can pack a style punch too. I’m also a big fan of scarves that can double as a shawl if needed, and lightweight striped tees for layering. And, I LOVE a knit blazer like this one for winter workdays.


Patterns – so many people equate winter with dull, boring colors. I don’t! While my wardrobe is pretty neutral in terms of colors, patterns can add so much interest to your winter wardrobe, especially for work. Stripes, florals, jewels, and geometric patterns can be styled so many different ways and help you beat the winter blues.


Skirts – when it’s wet outside, but I still have to leave the house, you can bet I’m not wearing pants of any kind unless they’re tucked into my boots. But, I can’t easily wear jeans for my job, so I spend the winter wearing a lot of skirts and dresses. And, like majority of stylish girl bosses, I love a good pencil skirt.

Hope this helps you switch up your winter wardrobe, let me know your winter essentials in the comments! 🙂


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