Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hey friends! This time last year I was preparing to marry my husband and our life was a flurry of stress, friends and family, and fun moments. Now, looking back and after attending so many weddings, I wanted to share my 3 tips on how to be the best wedding guest ever!

Follow the Rules

Weddings are not about you – they are about the bride and groom. The beauty of weddings is that unlike almost every other type of party, you get ALL of the info you need upfront including what to wear, where to park, what to gift, and when it will be over, sometimes even the menu! So, stick to the rules! If the invitation says “formal” then you better dress formal.

But one of the best parts is that the bride and groom have already curated a list of gifts for you to choose from – use it! The registry is meant to be mutually beneficial and no one likes a guest that can’t follow directions. If you really can’t stick to the registry then either give money, or give a combo gift of whatever you want plus money or something from the registry, but don’t forget a gift receipt!

Be Nice!

You might think this one seems SO obvious but you would be surprised. Without getting too specific, I’ve witnessed the following things at weddings, some of them at my own: bridesmaids talking crap about the bride to her own family, people complaining about the music, people fighting, people being too drunk and obnoxious (but not in a fun way), and even heard stories (but thankfully have never witnessed this) about people stealing cash from cards!!

As a guest you should be gracious and try to help if you can. For example, stick around for a few extra minutes at the end of the night and offer to help carry stuff to the car. Or, bring the bride some water during the reception because chances are she will need it! Thank the parents, the bride and groom, and keep a smile on your face. If you can’t do that, should you even be there at all?

Be Social without Media

Live in the moment! At my wedding, I did not care at all if people were taking pics during the ceremony or posting pics online. But, as I learned from my fellow Skimm’bassadors, I’m in the minority (Side note – if you’re not getting theSkimm for your news everyday, sign up here). So, try to limit your posting and picture taking to a way that is respectful to the bride and groom, not in the photographer’s way, and if you’re not sure what is appropriate, just ask.

Another pro tip came from an article on The Knot that I cannot find anymore (I seriously looked for an hour!). DO NOT post “Going to our eighth wedding this year” because it completely takes away from the bride and groom’s special day. You are privileged to be a guest at a party that they have spent months, sometimes more than a year planning. Don’t let your casual words online ruin it for them.

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PS – My wedding anniversary celebrations will be happening all weekend so follow me on Instagram if you want to follow along 😉




8 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Etiquette

  1. Love this reminder to be kind at weddings. It can be hard when you are going to a ton in one season to not feel like it’s just another wedding, but for that bride and groom it’s their only one. Having fun only happens when you’re in a good mood.


  2. Perfect timing as I plan for my wedding next Friday!! People can be so careless in actions & communication. Some times the good old fashion “Golden Rule” should be applied 🙂


  3. This is a really great blog post, especially since it’s wedding season. I am going to a few weddings soon, I will keep these things in mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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