The Holiday Shop is Open!

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving weekend with friends, family, and lots of food. Like Nordstrom, I’ve held out from spamming you with Christmas content too early, but now, the Holiday Shop is open!

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October Looks and Loves

Can you believe it’s November and the holidays are right around the corner? I’m dying to decorate for Christmas but trying to hold out. So, here’s a recap of what I wore in October (when I actually took off my sweats) and a few of the things I loved throughout the month like a podcast, a new show, and my favorite Amazon purchases.

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My Experience with Botox: Before and After

Hi friends! First of all, thank you so much for all of the love you shared with me on the Life Lately post. I got countless messages on Facebook and Instagram and it meant so much to me and I’m happy (in a weird way) that you could relate to me. So now, let’s get onto more fun topics, starting with Botox! I want to break down my experience with you and would love to answer any other questions you might have after reading this post.

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Life Lately

I have started, deleted and re-written a version of this post no less than a dozen times over the last month. I still feel somewhat weird about even sharing this one, but I’m doing it anyway, so please be kind with your comments (even those I’ll never hear) 😉

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100 Miles of Summer Challenge

Hi friends! Last week I decided that for the summer I am going to commit to doing 100 miles of conscious exercise (walking, jogging, biking, hiking, etc.) and thought some of you would like to join me. So, for those of you who want to play along, I’m including my free printable and more info below.

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Last Week’s Looks vol. 10

Hi friends! Now that classes have started up again, I’m finally wearing real clothes and getting out of the house! You think I’m joking, but I’m not. If I could wear my sweats and work at home every day, I’d be thrilled. So, here’s a recap of what I’ve been wearing lately in case you need a little outfit inspo or you’re just a looky-loo like me! 😉

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Style Steals: MLK, Jr. Weekend

Hi friends! Are you shopping any of the sales this weekend? Here’s a round-up that you can use to stock up on items that will transition you into Spring, but still keep you warm and stylish through the rest of winter.

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2019 Goals and Resolutions

Happy Friday! Last year I shared my 2018 goals and some advice about how to stick to them, around this very same time. I’m a big fan of easing into January and have a work schedule that encourages this. I love it is because it gives me time to decompress and also contemplate what I want the next year to look like, without getting swept up in the “new year, new me” January 1 mindset, which I personally think can be really toxic. Anyway, here’s a peek into what I’m planning for 2019!

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52 of the Best Quotes about Life

Hi friends! Today, I’m sharing a totally different type of post. Below are 52 of the best quotes about life (in my opinion), some of which are more famous than others. Why 52? So you can pick one to inspire you, carry you, or pull you through each week of the new year. I’d love to know which you’re starting with, so feel free to tag me on social media and let me know, and repin these until your heart’s content.

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Best of 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you’re spending today relaxing and ringing in what’s sure to be a great year ahead. You may have noticed that during the holiday season, my blog was very quiet. I spent that time brainstorming ways to bring you better content and avoid sharing gift guides full of affiliate links. I’m excited to share all of these ideas with you in 2019, after a proper recap of 2018, of course!

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