Tieks: 1 Year Review


If you spend any time online at all, you’ve probably seen an advertisement or promoted post for Tieks. Tieks by Gavrieli is an online only brand selling reinvented ballet flats with a signature teal bottom. They range in price from $175 – $195 USD. Not cheap, but last year when I was searching for new flats, I gave in and bought a pair.

I bought a pair of Tieks in Metallic Gold for $195 after reading review after review of how incredibly comfortable they are, on top of their portability. Tieks easily fold in half for traveling and even come with two bags, one for your Tieks and one for your other shoes like heels. I needed flats that were flexible and could be worn for several hours without giving me blisters and could withstand heavy walking. One year later, my verdict is that Tieks are worth it! 


What I love: I continue to love how comfortable they are. The teal bottom is slightly elevated, so it feels more like you’re walking on a sneaker bottom than traditional flats.

The versatility and portability. Tieks fit in almost any bag, and I rarely fold mine. They easily fit inside each other and lay flat so that they don’t take up much space. My Tieks, thanks in part to the color I chose, also match everything and when I’m tan, almost appear like a nude flat, rather than gold.

The quality. One year later, my Tieks have minimal wear and tear. Aside from a few scuffs on the front toe and the back (see photos below), they remain in very good condition. As you can see, even the bottoms are in good shape and I wear my Tieks about twice a week, on average.

img_2641-1img_2640-1What I don’t love: The color. I know I said my color is versatile and it is, but it is also dull. This is a dusty gold, it does not shine. I knew that when I placed my order, but over time, I’m slightly disappointed with how the color has dulled.

The thickness of the leather. This may be unique to my pair since they are not patent like others, but it appears to look very thin when on. It doesn’t feel thin, but you can practically see my toes through the shoe which I don’t particularly like. I also do not like how my big toe has left an indent on the front of the shoes. I often apply a little lotion to this area to minimize the appearance of wear around my toes.


Are they worth it? In my opinion, yes. I wear my Tieks very regularly and feel as though I got more than what I paid based on comfort and quality. The wide range of color options make them an easy staple for a woman on-the-go or for a special occasion when you can’t wear heels.

Do you have Tieks? Let me know what your experience has been in the comments! 

**This post was not sponsored by Tieks and all opinions are my own



2 thoughts on “Tieks: 1 Year Review

  1. Great one year in review post. I guess like most things there’s good points and bad points but overall I’m glad you like them. I took the plunge last week and bought my first pair of Tieks. California navy is the color.
    Thank for sharing your review


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