The No-Fail Way to Hang a Gallery Wall


Hello! Today I am sharing my favorite, easy, one-hole, no-fail way to hang any picture or gallery wall. It even surprised my husband who is super handy. This method requires NO measuring, NO big sheets of paper (I absolutely HATE this method), and just two eyeballs, painter’s tape, a hammer, nails, and a plan.

In our new house we have a hallway connecting our entryway and our living room. When the light isn’t on, it doesn’t feel bright but adding a gallery wall infused a lot of life to the transitional space. I am not joking when I say that we planned and hung this gallery wall in about an hour. If you’ve ever tried to hang a gallery wall before, you know that it can be a tricky endeavor. Here’s my method: 

Layout the objects you want to use on the floor and organize them until you love what you have for the wall.


Then, flip them over and use painter’s tape to cover the width of the frame or object, and then mark where the nails need to go. **This is the real trick since each frame and object gets hung differently and you can’t always count on the hooks to be centered. Doing it this way eliminates any guesswork and ensures that when you put your nail in, everything will line up and be level. 

Next, transfer the tape from each frame or object to your wall. If you want to, you can also use tape to mark the length of each frame or object for additional accuracy. When you put up your tape, you can double check with a leveler at this time to make sure everything will be straight. I like to put all the tape up first, and then start hanging with the largest items.


Finally, it’s time to hang. You should have already marked on the tape where your nails go, so all you need to do is hammer them in, and attach your frame or object. Everything should line up perfectly and be level. Pretty great, huh? Repeat throughout your gallery wall, then stand back and admire your work.

(You’ll notice some things in our plan didn’t make it onto the wall, you can easily adjust before you hang based on how your tape looks. That’s exactly what happened here, but thankfully, we didn’t even end up making one more hole than we needed!) 


Need some gallery wall inspiration? I’ve rounded up an entire Pinterest board full of ideas for you! 🙂 I love hanging up maps from places I’ve traveled (as seen above), shopping bags from favorite designers (see that here), mirrors, signs, and objects mixed in with traditional frames.



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