A Weekend in Lausanne Switzerland


Hi from Switzerland! Today I have a great weekend recap for you about the two nights I spent in Lausanne, which is a town outside of Geneva. For those of you that don’t already know, I’m in Switzerland for a few weeks leading a study abroad trip with 10 students. We spent Thursday night and Friday in Geneva, and then had a free weekend to travel, so I ventured over to Lausanne, and I loved it!


The food I had was great. On Friday night I enjoyed a bellini at the Royal Savoy Skylounge. The view was absolutely incredible, but the drinks were pricey. My bellini was $25 USD! It was worth it though.


For dinner on Friday I dined at Brasserie Du Royal and had a fabulous meal. I did not order a starter but still was treated with a caviar mousse and fresh bread. For my entree I ordered beef tenderloin. Prior to bringing out my food, they brought me three different salts (sea salt, a smoky salt and Himalayan pink salt) and let me pick my own knife. I enjoyed my tenderloin with the fluffiest, most delicious bernaise sauce I’ve ever had, a Pinot Noir from Zurich, and frites (fries).

IMG_8774 2

For dessert I was treated to some chocolate macarons and pistachio muffins that were so delicious.

IMG_6895 2

On Saturday I ate breakfast at the amazing hotel buffet, and then had an incredible lunch at Creperie D’Ouchy with three of my students (the PhDucklings). 😉 I’ll let the photo speak for itself about how delicious it was.


I kept my dinner low-key Saturday night and had homemade pasta in the hotel lounge, nothing noteworthy but it hit the spot.


I stayed at the Hotel Royal Savoy after finding a great deal booking through Amazon’s RocketMiles website, where I received a $85 gift card for booking and staying at my hotel. Seriously, if you haven’t used RocketMiles, do it! This isn’t a plug, it’s just awesome.


I walked to the hotel from the Lausanne train station and it was an easy, downhill, ten minute walk. Check-in was smooth and fast and my room was AMAZING! The bath products are all Hermes and the room had amazing touches. I especially loved the hardwood floors and the nice bathroom, plus I had a small terrace which was great.



I honestly went to Lausanne to relax and catch up on work and sleep. However, I did go to the Olympic Museum which was incredible. I cannot recommend it enough and it’s the only one in the world!


I learned so much about previous olympic games, the history of the games, and how the IOC really strives to use the olympics as a platform for peace and inclusion throughout the world. It only took us about two hours to make it through the museum, and it’s right across the street from the lake and a gorgeous rose garden!

I did not venture into the Flan district but my students did and loved it! It’s full of fun shops, restaurants and bars and they said it was packed with people on Saturday, even though it was raining. I’m disappointed I didn’t go, but it’s on my list if I ever visit again.



15 thoughts on “A Weekend in Lausanne Switzerland

  1. You have some nice photography skills . I also appreciate the detailes as for prices and so . Switzerland looks gorgeous I wish i could afford going there !


  2. I have always wanted to go to Lausanne! The food looks great – especially dessert! I love that street shot – picture perfect!


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