Valentine Champagne Cocktails

The only thing that should be easy on Valentine’s Day is your cocktail 😉 (couldn’t resist). But seriously, these two champagne cocktails are delicious, simple, and perfectly cute for the occasion.

First, let me introduce you to Champagne Shirley. This is an adult take on the childhood favorite, the Shirley Temple. To make this you need grenadine (got mine at Target), orange slice, maraschino cherries, and champagne/prosecco/sparkling wine.


Combine 1 part grenadine with 2 parts champagne, drop in 1 or 2 cherries, garnish with an orange, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice date!

This second cocktail is perfect for a galentine’s party or if you’re flying solo. All you need is some champagne or rose and rock candy. I used prosecco and strawberry rock candy.


Drop your rock candy in and pour the bubbly. You’re all set! This drink is so cute but also delicious because the rock candy really cuts down the brut flavor of champagne or prosecco.

For both cocktails, you’ll want to at least use a mid-grade champagne rather than the cheapest you can find, since you aren’t mixing it and you’ll want the better flavor.


PS – Not using the entire bottle? I LOVE this champagne saver. It makes my bubbly last for a week after opening!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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