100 #NSale Items Under $100

Hello! The #NSale is now officially open to the public, in case you haven’t heard 😉 so I’ve rounded up 100 items in nearly all categories (women’s clothes, outerwear, accessories, shoes, home and men’s) that are all in stock and under $100.

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Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

Hey friends! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and didn’t spend all of your money on the sales! If you still have some left over, here are my top picks for hostess gifts.

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Kitchen Reveal

Happy Friday-eve, everyone! Today I’m excited to give you a glimpse into our new home. Our kitchen is by far one of our favorite rooms. When you move into a new construction home, you get a brand new kitchen, so it’s amazing. But, we still wanted to make it our own, so we added a backsplash with beveled subway tile. We loved the beveled tile because it gave the kitchen a little more depth than traditional flat tile. Anyway, on to the photos! Enjoy!

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Valentine Champagne Cocktails

The only thing that should be easy on Valentine’s Day is your cocktail 😉 (couldn’t resist). But seriously, these two champagne cocktails are delicious, simple, and perfectly cute for the occasion.

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The Poinsettia Cocktail


Good morning, friends and Merry Christmas weekend! This is a festive, easy, delicious cocktail you can make for any parties or emergency relief you might need over the next few days. 😉

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Holiday Hostess Gift Guide


1* | 2* | 3 | 4* | 5* | 6* | 7 | 8*

Merry Christmas week, everyone! Today I’m sharing some ideas for hostess gifts that go beyond the standard wine, flowers, or chocolates. Bonus: almost all of these are currently available on Amazon Prime so you can order and receive in time for Christmas! My personal favorites on this list are the Veuve (obviously) and the Waterford 2016 ornament. Waterford makes a signature snowflake ornament every year and they look so beautiful on Christmas trees. But, the truffle oils and the custom state cheese board are also great gifts!

P.S. – Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark is currently 20% off! You’re welcome 😉

* indicates the item is currently available on Amazon with Prime shipping.

Christmastime Mulled Wine


Happy Friday! I’m back with another festive cocktail for you and this one is perfect for entertaining. This Christmastime Mulled Wine (see what I did there??) can be made a few hours before a party, kept warm on your stove or in a crockpot, and then served to your guests.

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Unconventional Charcuterie

One of my favorite little pleasures is a great charcuterie board. If you’re not familiar with that word, it’s French for meat and cheese. And, if you’re anything like my husband, that word alone is enough to deter you from ordering one. But, a few years ago I was at a winery in Arizona and they served us their sparkling moscato with white cheddar Cheetos. I’m serious. It was delicious!! They later explained that it’s a perfect combination because of the air, crunch, and flavor. That one sip is all it took for me to re-create and brainstorm other unconventional charcuterie items to pair with your wine and not intimidate your guests.


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Cinnamon Christmas Cider



After our trip to the Smoky Mountains we came home with some delicious cinnamon moonshine. It is much stronger, and more pure than Fireball, so you can enjoy it without simultaneously drinking anti-freeze. 😉

It’s simple to make and you can serve it hot or cold. We made it cold, but if you make it hot, omit the champagne top-off. It would be great in a pitcher or crock pot for a party!


Cinnamon sugar rim

2 oz. Ole Smoky Cinnamon Moonshine (careful, it’s 80 proof!)

4 oz. Apple Cider

1 – 2 oz. Champagne top-off (omit if making this drink hot)

Optional garnish of a cinnamon stick