Master Bedroom Makeover

Happy Wednesday! I’ve seriously been counting down for the weekend since Monday. But, dreaming of our new master bedroom plan has been a great distraction and today I’m sharing our tentative plan! But we need your help – will you help us pick a rug? There’s a poll below!

We desperately need a king size bed and our mattress is over 10 years old, so it is time. I think we are going to get  Tuft & Needle mattress and I’m really excited to try it out! But, with a new mattress comes a new bed, and then we might as well just re-do everything right?! Well, not everything, but we have too much IKEA right to really feel like we are #adulting. Our bed and nightstands have been around for over ten years and are from my first apartment in Lincoln Park!

Here’s our plan. Our dresser is black wood, so that will help anchor all the lighter tones. The loveseat will remain at the foot of the bed, and that’s where our rug will go. The rest of our room has cream carpeting.

Master BedroomMakeover

Headboard | Loveseat | Bedding | Nightstand | Art

Here are the options:

1 (neutral flowers) | 2 (colored flowers) | 3 (red and gray) | 4 (snow leopard)


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