Spring Essentials: Beauty

It’s almost the weekend! Yesterday I shared my fashion spring essentials, and today I’m back with my spring beauty haul. Once again, all of this stuff is super affordable but will help you look and feel your best through the season.



Tinted Moisturizer & SPF ($44) – this is a necessity for any season and spring is no different. You should, and easily can, wear it every day because it is so light and doesn’t feel or look like makeup. It does, however, provide some coverage which can help you look refreshed when you’re on the go. Since it includes SPF 20, it’s perfect to wear everyday during spring weather.

YSL Lip Balm ($37) – ok this one is a splurge, but a necessary one! It’s super moisturizing, but still gives your lips a little shine, so you don’t look like you’re just wearing balm. It also smells amazing! 

Perfume  ($94) – I’m madly in love with this new scent from Dior. Anything floral just gets me, I even put floral essential oils into our diffuser. I haven’t bought it yet, only tried it out but as soon as my bottle of Jo Malone is gone, this will be on my dresser!

Rosewater Spray ($7) – I’ve talked about how much I love rosewater spray before, but I love it even more in the spring when you just want to feel refreshed. It’s perfect to help combat humidity AND it’s a great relief if you’ve gotten a little too much sun on your face because it really helps reduce redness and has a cooling effect.

Charcoal Mask ($6 for 4 masks) – there are so many different charcoal masks out there, some of which are super damaging. (Have you seen this?!) But, this one can be picked up at your grocery store or on your next Target run and is very gentle but still effective. It also heats up as soon as you put it on your face which feels so good, it only takes one minute to use AND you wash it off rather than peel it!

Self-Tanner ($8) – I’m not a big self-tanner person, but I do love the gradual build tanners and of course, this is nothing new to the market, but it’s tried and true. A great spring essential for a little color and a lot of moisture.

Hand Lotion ($12) – I use different lotion for warmer and colder months. During the spring, the damp weather really affects my hands and makes them feel like they’re burning a little bit (especially when it’s the fourth day of non-stop rain) and my hands also swell a from all the humidity. So, I like to use something that feels more soothing, but smells like spring. I always have this lotion (in Cherry Blossom) in my bag!

Dry Shampoo ($24) – Philosophy makes dry shampoo, y’all!! This stuff is seriously incredible. It helps absorb moisture, restore style, and makes you smell good! If you’re not in love with the Amazing Grace sent, it also comes in Pure Grace which is more neutral. You can even buy it on Amazon, if you’re trying to avoid going overboard at Sephora.

What are your favorite spring fashion items? Let me know in the comments!

*Affiliate links are used throughout this post, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for your support of ThePhDiva.



7 thoughts on “Spring Essentials: Beauty

  1. I need to try that face mask! I actually have the one shown in the video you linked, and it honestly doesn’t hurt that bad haha. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a ton of baby hairs on your face it will sting a bit. But thankfully I don’t so I’m good!

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