Nightstand Styling

Hey friends – Happy Halloween! I probably should be sharing something festive, but instead, I’m sharing how I styled my nightstand, which is totally unrelated. I promise I’m not a scrooge! Anyway, when styling nightstands, I stick to two main principles: pretty and practical. 

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I firmly believe that your bedroom should be a beautiful retreat. It’s where you go to relax and recharge. It’s so important that it’s a space you love. For me, that means it needs to be pretty. Last spring we made over our master bedroom (see more of that here) and when we did that, we bought these gorgeous nightstands from Urban Outfitters.

I try to buy some inexpensive (> $12) flowers each week either from the farmer’s market or the grocery store and those always look great on a nightstand. I’m also obsessed with great candles and while I hate the price of these Diptyque ones, they really are the best and smell so incredible, even when they aren’t lit.


These nightstands work for us because we don’t need a lot of storage next to the bed. We basically need a place to charge our phones, collect our little goodies, and stash our other random stuff. The other thing we don’t need on our nightstand is lighting since we have a fan over our bed with a light.I LOVE salt lamps (we have this one and these) and think it’s a perfect addition to a nightstand.


Storage doesn’t have to be another basic bin or basket. I love this “M” box I picked up at TJ Maxx and they always have a bunch of inexpensive options. A trinket tray is another cheap way to add big style. I keep an eye mask, some extra remote batteries, and other little random things inside.


This is how I’ve blended pretty and practical, but the options are endless and should suit you. BUT, don’t blow off styling your nightstand because you think it’s silly. You’ll be amazed how much happiness styling a small little spot can bring you each morning and evening. Here’s a Pinterest board filled with nightstand styling inspiration for you!

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 8.42.53 PM



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