Affordable Fall Coats

Hi everyone! It seems as though our extended summer is finally over and today, it’s in the 40’s here in Virginia! I am such a junkie for outerwear and I especially love affordable fashion because I feel like it’s more guilt-free. So, here are my choices for Fall coats and everything is under $150!


Burgundy Faux Leather – this coat is less than $60! The color is unbeatable for Fall and it would be so amazing for a day date.

Utility Jacket – I bought a utility jacket several years ago from H&M and it is my absolute favorite. The army green works so well in Fall and Spring, and I love the cotton blend. This jacket also comes in gray and black.

Faux Fur – I am obsessed with this Old Navy faux fur coat that is on sale for $70! It would be amazing throughout the holiday season, too!

Khaki Trench – this LAUREN by Ralph Lauren coat is available in khaki and black and has faux leather trim.  A trench is a must-have in every wardrobe and perfect for Fall and going to and from work.

Leopard Cardi Coat – this is an open-front coat that just screams date night to me! I love the metallic leopard print and it’s super soft and chic. Plus, it’s currently on sale for $46!

Blush Wool – this is another coat without a zipper, but instead, it ties more like a robe. I love soft, warm coats and this blush color is all the rage for Fall. It’s $90 and would easily serve you in January and February, too! It also comes in a gorgeous gray.



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