Cozy Girl’s Gift Guide

Happy Monday! Who’s still Christmas shopping?? I definitely am and I think this gift guide is my favorite. Most of the items I already have and the others, I really want because I am total homebody. Plus, I’m the mom to the most cozy-seeking dog on the planet. If there’s something soft, warm and shaggy, he’s on it. This is why we’re perfect together. 😉

Cozy Girl'sGift Guide

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I seriously LIVE in my Patagonia. If it’s the weekend or a day I’m working from home, I’m in it. It’s super cozy and warm and comes in lots of colors.

Okay, it took me a while to buy into the entire essential oil thing, but I am hooked! And, so long as you don’t ingest these or use them on your body, you do not have to spend a fortune on oils. My favorites are peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus and we use them nightly in our diffuser and in the shower. Amazon has tons of varieties of oils, we use winter/holiday scents downstairs during the day.

I bought this blanket during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have been under it every day since. It is the softest blanked but isn’t super heavy so it’s great for lounging around.

Have you ever been to a Nordstrom Spa? It is out of this world good and each guest gets to use these neck and eye pillows. They have lavender inside them and are easily warmed up in the microwave for total relaxation. If you only get one thing on this gift guide, make it one (or both) of these!

My baies candle is my favorite, but you can never go wrong with anything by Diptyque. It is fragrant even when unlit and so stylish on a nightstand or end table.

These joggers, socks and this robe are perfect for the gal who lives on Netflix binges and cozy nights in. They are each soft and light and great for cuddling up.

Finally, these slippers!! I bought a pair last month and have been wearing them since (I even drove home in them)! They come in lots of colors and are so comfy. Plus, they have a hard bottom so you can wear them outside to grab the mail or walk the dog.


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