Gift GUYde 2017

Hey friends! Here are some ideas for the men in your life. I know they’re always tricky to shop for, so if you have any other ideas, leave them in the comments! 🙂

Great for travel!

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Even I have a Swiss Army Knife and love it! This is perfect for guys who seemingly have everything or are always tinkering with things.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a big Patagonia fan. I love the Better Sweater because it’s warm and cozy but still looks polished. Plus, I think this color looks great on every guy but it does come in lots of others, too.

To ensure your husband/dad/uncle/brother is always wearing his ring, gift them a silicone one! These are perfect when traveling or for working out.

Guys might not tell you they need gloves, but once they have them, they’ll wear them! These are extra soft and warm but still enable him to use his phone and gadgets.

Do you have a Yeti?! This one is 30 oz. but still fits in standard cup holders AND keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours!

Okay, these two gadgets are a match made in heaven. I actually have this USB thing with all the different charging adapters on the end and love it, especially when I’m traveling. It is perfect to gift with a phone power bank.

This duffel is super durable and a great deal for anyone who loves a quick weekend getaway. It also comes in black.

Bean boots – need I say more?! If yes, these are lined with flannel.

Lastly, just like us ladies appreciate a nice beauty gift set, guys like to pamper their faces too. This shaving set is a great deal (only $20!) and especially useful for the dry winter months.

Want more ideas? Here’s last year’s gift guyde and a Father’s Day gift guide.




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