Looks Lately

Hey friends! Since I’ve been on winter break my outfits have been super sporadic so I haven’t had enough to do a full “last week’s looks” post. But, I’ve rounded up my looks lately for you, and lots are on sale!

You can simply click each photo to shop, or on the links below. Affiliate links are used throughout this post.



Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Boots | Bag (on sale!)| Necklace | Earrings | Sunglasses


Sweater (under $20!)| Skirt (similar) | Boots | Lipstick | Earrings


Vest (it’s reversible!)| Shirt | Necklace | Jeans | Boots


Scarf (similar)| Sweater | Bag | Jeans | Boots


Skirt (similar) | Sweater (similar)| Bag (similar) | Boots

*I originally bought this skirt from H&M about a month ago, but it’s not online. The sweater is A New Day from Target, but sold out, and I got my TB bag from the outlet mall so that’s why I can’t link it for you 😦


Jacket | Jeans | Bag | Boots | Sunglasses (similar) | Scarf


Dress (under $30!) | Jacket (similar) | Purse | Shoes | Lipstick | Earrings


Fleece | Bag | Jeans | Boots

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