April Favorites

Is anyone else in denial that it’s practically mid-May?? Life has been a blur, but a pretty good one, at least in April. Here are some of my favorites and your favorites, and a sneak peek at some May blog content!

April Top 5

1. Laduree – the first three of these are all from the same weekend when I went to DC for a work conference but snuck in a little time for shopping on Saturday. One of our first stops was Laduree for its world-famous macarons.

2. Georgetown – I can’t get enough of Georgetown even though it was 90 degrees and the streets were PACKED when I was there. It reminds me so much of my pre-grad student life in Lincoln Park. It was such a treat to walk around and shop!


3. The Five Minute Journal – while I was in Georgetown we stopped in to PaperSource, one of my favorite places and I picked up The Five Minute Journal. I am addicted, which is a good thing given the point of the journal. I wrote about it a little bit in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, but it’s basically a journal that helps you cultivate gratitude and happiness. I really love it because the first 40 pages are dedicated to explaining why and how using the journal works backed up by empirical, scientific research!

4. LOFT – If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m in love with LOFT (again, for now). LOFT and I have an unhealthy, on and off-again relationship, and right now we are in the blissful beginning stage of being back ON! But, never ever pay full-price, so watch for sales. If you’re curious what I liked, I have my Instagram Stories try-on session on my highlights.


5. My book! – Okay, this one is a personal brag, but it’s too big of a deal for me to leave off and so many of you shared my excitement on social media. My book, for which I signed a contract back in 2016, finally came out! Writing a book is a very slow process filled with a lot of self-doubt, rejection and “constructive criticism” that is ultimately so fulfilling. Find out more about it here.


Your Favorite Instagram Post


You guys loved this inexpensive Amazon dress as much as I do! Shop it here!

Your Favorite Blog Post


I’m so happy you liked this little post – stay tuned for more!

Coming Up in May

  • Graduation Gift Guide
  • What I’d Tell Myself at Graduation: 10 Years Later
  • Color Crush
  • My 5 Tips for Networking

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