5 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Hi friends! Father’s Day is this weekend!! Does this holiday sneak up on you every year or is that only me? I was actually on top of it this time, but I know several of my friends are not. So, here are 5 great, last-minute gift ideas for the special guys in your life. I’d love to hear your gift ideas in the comments!

5 Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug – this is like a non-Southern, classy version of a Yeti for all the sophisticated dads. It keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for YOU, that’s right, you set the temp. So if your dad is one of those people who orders his Starbucks extra hot, this will always be just how he likes it. Or, if he’s conditioned himself to think luke-warm coffee tastes good, he can make the temp a little cooler. It comes in black and white. If the mug is out of your price range, you could get your dad this coffee warming coaster that’s only $11!

Nokia Smart Watch – this is the most humble smartwatch I’ve seen (do you get it?) because it looks just like a regular, classic watch, but tracks steps, heart rate, and sleep! Plus, you can even take it swimming AND get different bands including leather and more fitness-friendly rubber bands. It’s perfect for the dad who wants to be healthy without compromising his professional style. It comes in silver and gold.

Kuhl Renegade Shirt – is your dad into multi-tasking? If so, this shirt is a multi-tasker, too! It has protection from UVA/UVB rays and has 40+ sun protection. It’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, has four-way mechanical stretch, is wrinkle and water-resistant, AND comes in several colors. My dad and husband both have Kuhl shirts and really like them.

reMarkable Paper Tablet – okay, in full disclosure I’m including this because my dad has it and loves it, despite being a die-hard Apple fanatic and owning an iPad. BUT, it’s pretty cool and it’s a great way to support a start-up business. This tablet is different from others because it’s like paper and feels like you’re writing on paper when you use it. It’s also a matte tablet, so there aren’t issues with glare. Curious about it, check out this video.

Amazon Echo – I joke with my dad that he gets his girlfriends confused because he always tries to call Alexa, Siri, and then gets no response hahaha! But, although an Amazon Echo is not a necessity, it is super handy and fun. My dad uses it as an alarm, to get the headlines, hear how the market is doing, and to answer the “question of the day” and play Jeopardy. If you get the bigger one, the speaker is better and that’s the main difference between the Echo and the Dot. In our household, we actually have both and I love it too, so it’s really a gift for the entire family. If you haven’t checked out the Echo’s lately, you can get fabric covers so they are less of an eye-sore in your room.

PS – All Amazon devices are on sale and start at $29.95

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