Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my top picks to celebrate our wonderful mothers this year.

Mother's DayGift Guide

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My favorites on the list include the Kendra Scott gift set (nail polish and jewelry?! #winning) and the Echo Dot which is basically like giving your mom a personal assistant.

I gave my mom that steamer for Christmas, and she loves it, so I would highly recommend it. I have one too and it seriously makes my bedding look as crisp as a high end hotel. Also works great on curtains and of course, clothes.

I think the gardening set with a subscription to the Magnolia Journal would be a super cute gift set. You could also make a great gift set with the Tula package (which was curated by one of my favorite bloggers), the monogrammed makeup bag (under $40) and the hand cream.

Number 11 is especially inventive and perfect for mom’s that like to bake – these are frosting tips that help make gorgeous flowers! It’s tempting enough to even make me want to try 😉

Last but not least, the glass teapot and tea assortment are perfect for the mom who just wants to relax a little bit. Throw in a best-seller and you won’t see her for days!

If you want some other ideas, you might find them on this gift guide or this one. Happy Shopping!


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Great gift ideas! I agree that steamer is great and I love the Magnolia subscription, perfect gift for my Mom, thanks for the idea!

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