Prime Day, Recipes, and Wedding Fun

Hey friends! I hope you had a great weekend. I wanted to quickly pop-in today and just share a few random things and talk about Amazon Prime Day – which starts tonight and runs through tomorrow!! This is the Black Friday for Amazon, so you know I’ll be shopping! 🙂


If you’re wondering what all the buzz about Prime Day, let me tell you about it. First, you need to have Amazon Prime. Don’t have it? Try it out FREE for 7 days here! This is honestly the best time to use a free Prime trial since it gives you access to all the deals. Second, Prime Day is when Amazon hosts TONS of lightening sales on everything from electronics, subscriptions, books, household items and more. Here are some of the top deals:

In other news, if you’re not following me on Instagram (you should be!) you missed the wedding fun we had this weekend. I even did an Instagram stories takeover for LoveStoriesTV to share all the details. Angie and Andrew were the perfect bride and groom and their outdoor wedding was SO fun and relaxed. I mean, a food truck and a donut cake?! Sign me up! Here’s a few of the snaps:

Now that I’m in full summer mode and done traveling for a little while, I’m spending more time in the kitchen! If you know me, that doesn’t really mean anything haha, but I’m trying! So I thought it might be fun to do a new series called “Last Week’s Eats” and share what we made. Here you go, but remember, I’m neither a chef nor a food photographer:

Skinny Pesto Chicken Bake


Taco Zucchini Boats


Rosé Alfredo


Kabobs (no recipe required, but you can try them with Gina’s chimichurri)


Mulled Cherry Pie


Hope you have a great week! :*



2 thoughts on “Prime Day, Recipes, and Wedding Fun

  1. I love Prime day! I’m excited to see if I can find any deals for Christmas and Birthday’s this year. I love saving money on things I am already planning on buying. Thanks for the info!

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