Instagram Round-Up

Hey y’all – Happy August!! It’s been a little while since I’ve done an Instagram Round-Up so I wanted to catch you up on life lately. You can follow me @thephdivablog

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Prime Day, Recipes, and Wedding Fun

Hey friends! I hope you had a great weekend. I wanted to quickly pop-in today and just share a few random things and talk about Amazon Prime Day – which starts tonight and runs through tomorrow!! This is the Black Friday for Amazon, so you know I’ll be shopping! 🙂

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A Weekend in Lausanne Switzerland


Hi from Switzerland! Today I have a great weekend recap for you about the two nights I spent in Lausanne, which is a town outside of Geneva. For those of you that don’t already know, I’m in Switzerland for a few weeks leading a study abroad trip with 10 students. We spent Thursday night and Friday in Geneva, and then had a free weekend to travel, so I ventured over to Lausanne, and I loved it!

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Weekend Recap

Happy Mon/May day! We had a mix of a fun and relaxing weekend and it was perfect now that the semester is (finally) coming to an end. These are all iPhone pics, so nothing fancy, but here’s the recap:

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Weekend Recap



Hey friends! I hope you had a good weekend. This was the first weekend in over a month that we actually did something worth talking about. Although my husband worked half-days on both Saturday and Sunday, we decided to put some of our chores and projects on hold for an afternoon out in Roanoke, the star city.
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Unconventional Charcuterie

One of my favorite little pleasures is a great charcuterie board. If you’re not familiar with that word, it’s French for meat and cheese. And, if you’re anything like my husband, that word alone is enough to deter you from ordering one. But, a few years ago I was at a winery in Arizona and they served us their sparkling moscato with white cheddar Cheetos. I’m serious. It was delicious!! They later explained that it’s a perfect combination because of the air, crunch, and flavor. That one sip is all it took for me to re-create and brainstorm other unconventional charcuterie items to pair with your wine and not intimidate your guests.


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Hello Fresh Review


Like I’ve said before, I am not a chef. I do not enjoy cooking. Meals are a means to an end for me. The same can be said for my husband. We can cook, and when we do, we try to make healthy, easy, quick meals. So, when one of my friends sent me a free trial of Hello Fresh, we figured we had nothing to lose. The free trial sent us three meals and waived the cost of $70.

I had a few assumptions about Hello Fresh. First, that the meals were relatively easy to make. Second, that it’s healthy. I was half-wrong.

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