All About Face Rolling

Happy Friday! During the #NSale I picked up a GloPro that I’ve been using in tandem with my jade roller. I’ve had so many friends ask me about it so I wanted to break down all the details about facial rolling.


What is facial or derma rolling? 

Facial or derma rolling is when you use a roller on your skin to increase blood flow and circulation, reduce fine lines and puffiness, and enhance your skincare regime.

What tools should I use? 

GloPro – the GloPro is a micro-needling derma roller. This tool really helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles more than other facial rollers. The GloPro uses microneedles to penetrate your skin which triggers your skin to produce collagen to restore volume. It also uses a red light to increase cell regeneration and healing.

In case you’re curious, it does NOT hurt at all. It’s not as refreshing as jade rolling, but there’s no pain involved. After using it, your skin is slightly red, but it goes away within a few minutes.

Jade roller – jade rollers are inexpensive ($12) stone tools that mostly help with puffiness, circulation and product absorption, and may assist with reducing fine lines, but not nearly as much as a micro-needling tool will.

When should I do it? 

If you’re using a jade roller, you can use it as often as twice a day (morning and night). You can even put it in the fridge or freezer before using it. You should roll for a few minutes on your face, then a few minutes on your chest and neck.

The GloPro should be used only at night and about three times per week.


How do I do it? 

For both options, you only want to use on freshly cleaned skin. The GloPro is particularly effective after a shower when your pores are already more open. So first, cleanse your skin. I’m a big fan of Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser or Philosophy’s Purity cleanser.

If you’re using the GloPro, you roll immediately after cleansing. With the GloPro, you roll for 1 minute in various directions on your face. Then, after you’re done rolling, apply facial serums.

For the jade roller, after cleansing, you should apply your serum. I personally love the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration serum, but a less expensive option is rosehip oil ($15). Then when you roll, you’ll be rolling the serum deeper into your skin. However, with the jade roller, always roll in an upward motion, away from the center of your face. Never roll downward as this pulls your skin down and can increase, rather than decrease fine lines!

What products should I use with it? 

Cleanser and serums for your skin (see above for what I like and use).

You’ll want to clean both tools with isopropyl alcohol which you can pick up at any pharmacy in the first-aid section. I buy it in a spray bottle so it makes cleaning the tools extra fast and easy.


Have you tried facial rolling? Let me know in the comments


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