July Favorites

Happy Monday and Happy August! It’s hard for me to believe another month has come and gone, so that’s why this recap is nearly a week late. Nonetheless, here’s what you were loving in July and here’s what I loved.

My Top 5

  1. Small Admissions this is a fun book that’s a happy departure from a book about romantic relationships and marriage. Instead, this is a beautiful story about how friendships can withstand through all of the different seasons of life and how a seemingly dark time can lead you into finding your passion and purpose, along with some funny and witty writing.
  2. Zella Live-In Leggings – you can see a few pics of these here and here, but the name is right, if you get these you will live in them. Have you tried the Lululemon Algin leggings that everyone raves about? I did, and although they were soft, they were NOT flattering at all and too thin for my skin. These leggings are every bit as soft, but are much more flattering and even at full price ($55), it’s a much better value.
  3. Being back home – after a month straight of travel, there was nothing better than getting home and being back in my own bed and getting back into my routine.
  4. Keurig Cafe – this is a game changer for anyone who loves lattes like me! It comes with a milk warmer and steamer (that actually works) and since I got it three weeks ago, I’ve only gone to Starbucks twice! My wallet is so happy.
  5. NARS Orgasm – I’m loving this lip balm, which has been around for ages but is new to me. I also love the NARS multiple stick for use under makeup for some additional (and subtle) highlighting and bronzing.

Your Favorite Instagram Post


You loved the post with all of my looks from Canada – you can read the post here and follow me on Instagram here!

Your Favorite Blog Post

It was actually a dead even tie between my #NSale posts – although the sale is over now, there’s still great stuff for fall.

Preparing for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + Getting Early Access

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Look & What’s in my Cart

Coming Up in August

I’m working on a couple of fun posts about how my job as a professor influences my fashion, which I’m excited to share soon!

I’m also planning a post about showing support to friends during tough times and bringing back Last Week’s Looks since I’ve missed a few lately.

Anything you want to see? Tell me in the comments!


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